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Testimonial : Beckie R.

By admin | In Testimonials | on April 14, 2011

Why CrossFit? I got tired of belonging to the “poor pitiful me” clan. I’m guessing 95+% of what we go through in our lives is directly linked to choices we have made to do or not do. In 2009 I was 45 pounds overweight and pre-diabetic with arthritic knees, refused to be in any pictures and had a wardrobe that consisted of docker pants and turtleneck shirts. I remember walking into Nordstrom’s one day with my husband to purchase an outfit for an event we had to go to and bursting into tears because nothing fit the body I had created. My daughter had been working out with Jen and I would watch occasionally. I was asked if I wanted to join in but I was very intimidated.  All the dialogue I could hear in my head was “I can’t do that.” My daughter is a college basketball player so, duh, I couldn’t do what she was doing, but Jen showed me how to get past what I couldn’t do and concentrate on and celebrate what I could do. WOW! What a concept! One man I did not know well at the time heard me grumbling about the WOD one day – it included an 800m run between the couplets. As I said, I have arthritic knees so all I could think of was that I could not run, therefore, I could not do the workout. Chris very calmly looked at me and said, “So? Walk.” Oh. Those two words sum up Westend CrossFit for me. This is a family that supports and honors each other, whether you can lift 450 lbs or 15 lbs.; do Fran in 2:28 or 15:30. There is no dishonor in trying and failing – only in not trying.  Everyone has challenges. I got tired of choosing to complain and feel sorry for myself.  They always say sports builds character. I agree with those that say that sports reveals character. I have learned a lot about myself these past two years, some things I’m not so proud of and other things have amazed me. What an incredible journey it continues to be.

Beckie – 50 years old Been “CrossFitting” for 2 years

One Comment to "Testimonial : Beckie R."

  • Brandon says:

    April 15, 2011 at 7:43 am -

    Great story Becky! That’s what CrossFit is all about. Having everyday people walk through those doors and begin to believe in themselves, becoming stronger physically, but more imortantly stronger mentally. Keep up the great work!