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By Jen | In Testimonials | on February 18, 2014


Kim McKay

Give us a little background about yourself.

Well I grew up not too far from Richmond in the town that Mr. Jefferson built. Growing up in Charlottesville, I was an active kid and into just about every sport (soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.). Anytime I was not at some sort of practice, I was outside either hiking or coming up with some creative way to spend my time. My closest friend and I growing up even built our own nature center (complete with trails and activities).

In high school, tennis dominated my extracurricular activities. I played all the time. Winter, spring, summer, or fall you could not keep away from the courts. Most summers, before I got a job, I played for about eight hours a day and had the best tan of my life. Ahhh . . . those were the days! Actually, thanks to one of the friends I made at WECF I started playing again after about a ten-year break from the sport!

I did not go to UVA for college. But, I do work for them as researcher and analyst on public policy issues. I headed down south to a wonderful place called Blacksburg for college and spent six years there making some wonderful memories.  I absolutely love Virginia Tech and never miss a home football game (yes, even in the more difficult seasons).  Go Hokies!!!!

It was actually during my graduate program at Virginia Tech that I got introduced to CrossFit. After my first semester of graduate school and a lot of personal reflection, I decided I needed to make some changes. At that time in my life, I slept maybe four hours a night. I don’t think I ate anything that resembled a major food group (unless you count bagels).  I was always working and stressed out. I did not exercise. Basically, I was a hot mess headed for a host of potential health problems. So, I got connected to a coach through two graduate school friends of mine.  It was the early days of CrossFit, so I worked out every Tuesday and Thursday in the basement of a church with maybe five people. And, slowly, but surely I started becoming a better version of myself.

How did you hear about West End CrossFit?

After graduate school, work bounced me around from place to place. I was on my own for a while fitness wise. I had been settled in Richmond for about a year and was thinking about joining a box again when my friend-worker gave me an article on FED that appeared in Richmond BizSense.  WECF was listed as one of the drop-off locations and well I think you know what happened next!

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

Well, I don’t tell many people. But, I graduated number 1 in my class at Virginia Tech.

What music can we find currently playing in your car?

My iPod has pretty much anything and everything on it.  Music is a passion of mine. What I am listening to all depends on my current mood and activity. My tastes range from alternative country (Old 97’s) to brit pop (Stereophonics) to rap (Jay-Z). Right now, now these bands are in heavy rotation: HAIM, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Box Rebellion, and St. Lucia. Oh and you can never go wrong with some Dave Matthews Band!

What current things are you working towards in your health, training, career and/or personal life?

I have decided that 2014 is the year I am going to enter and complete a CrossFit competition. It might not happen until December, but it will happen. I have never done one and it absolutely intimidates me.  But, it would be a huge accomplishment for me in my health/fitness journey.

Personally, I have a new goal to do one thing a day that makes me absolutely uncomfortable. Now, if you have met me, you will know it takes me awhile to warm up to people, because I am shy and tend to get really anxious about social situations. I think I hung out in a corner and barely spoke my first few months at WECF.  So with this goal, I am trying to put myself out there a little bit more each day.

I love to cook. So, I have been thinking about starting a blog of some sort to share all the paleo friendly dishes I create in my kitchen. Hopefully, I will pull this off in 2014. Although, directions might be a challenge, because I am terrible about measuring what I put in a recipe … a bunch or a pinch could work right?

Tell us about your most memorable WOD at WECF.

Well my most memorable WODs at WECF are the ones I finish dead last or get the time cap called on me. As I struggle to get one more rep or finish the last round in a clearly difficult WOD for me, there is always a group of people cheering me on and encouraging me to dig just a little deeper. The support I have gotten from the WECF community is absolutely amazing and always makes me smile (after I have recovered) post WOD.

What would you tell someone who is interested in training with WECF?

Come on in and give it a try! My best piece of advice to a CrossFit newbie is to start slow and stick with it for a couple of months to see if it is for you. Remember, it takes a while to learn all the skills and lifts that can come up in a WOD. I am still learning myself. So, don’t get frustrated if there is something you can’t do and just work hard. You will be impressed with the progress you can make in just a few months time with hard work and great coaching (Thanks Tim, Jen, Kara, and Brian) Also, if you find yourself struggling, there is no better place to find someone to listen and support you on your journey.

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