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By Jen | In Testimonials | on March 3, 2014



Give us a little background about yourself.

I am originally from Richlands (go Blue Tornado), Virginia in the southwestern part of the state.  I have been in Richmond for over 10 years, because of my wife and work. I am turning 32 this month.  My wife, Terry, and I had our first son last year Mason James Newberry.  He has quickly taken over my life in the best (and the worst) way I could have ever imagined. In high school and college I stayed very active, wrestling, playing football, running, and lifting weights.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I paid my way through college by dancing (exotic).
What music can we currently find playing in your car?
I listen to all kinds of music.  Before I work out I like hard rock and alternative, afterwards I like country.
How did you hear about West End CrossFit?
I started looking into Crossfit after watching the Crossfit games on TV.  I am always looking for ways to push myself and meet new people Crossfit seemed like a great way to do that.  At that time I started searching for boxes in the area and I was lucky enough to have WECF be a few miles down the road.
What current things are you working towards in your health, training, career and/or personal life?
Personal life:  I am trying to focus more on my family and friends and less on my work.  Health:  I am trying to make smarter decisions on my diet (food is my weakness).  Training:  I need to work on a lot of things, but my Olympic lifts are going to be my main focus this year.  Career:  I am trying to leave work at the office and not take it home with me.
Tell us about your most memorable WOD at WECF.
This summer I decided to take on Kelly.  She kicked my butt.
What would you tell someone who is interested in training with WECF?
If you are interested come in and join a class.  You will find out very quickly there are no egos at this gym.  The coaches are dedicated to their members and the Crossfit morals.  They take their time to make sure you have solid form, but also have fun.  West end Crossfit is not like any other gym I have ever worked out at.  When you come in to workout everyone is asking “how you are doing”, and if you miss a class everyone is asking “where have you been”.  That means a lot in times where you can get lost in a crowd.  At West End Crossfit you are part of the family.
David, I still want that belt!





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