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Monday 2/11/19

By Wodify | In WOD | on February 10, 2019

West End CrossFit – CrossFit

Front Squat (1 x 1)

Build to a heavy single

“Funny Bone” (Time)


Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Front Squats (135/95)

*Fitness – kettlebell swings 53/35

Front Squats 95/65

Open Athletes

Week 5 of Racehorse

Jerk Technique

A) Press in split – 5 x 3

B) Tall Jerk – 5 x 3

C) Pausing Split Jerk – 5 x 2 – 63% 68% Sets 3-4-5 73%

Press in Split – Step out to receiving position, followed by 3 strict presses on each set. Reinforce footwork in static position.

Tall Jerk – Main focus is speed. Press the bar to just above forehead level then press body underneath the bar into receiving position. Start with empty barbell and only increase in small increments if you are moving at your best.

Pausing split jerk – 2 pauses – In the dip and on the catch (in the split).

On the 0:00…Clean and Jerk

OTM x 11

On the 0:00 – 1 Clean and jerk @70%

On the 1:00 – 1 Clean and jerk @75%

On the 2:00 – 1 Clean and jerk @80%

On the 3:00 – Rest

On the 4:00 – 1 Clean and jerk @75%

On the 5:00 – 1 Clean and jerk @80%

On the 6:00 1 Clean and jerk @85%

On the 7:00 – Rest

On the 8:00 – 1 Clean and Jerk @80%

On the 9:00 – 1 Clean and jerk @85%

On the 10:00 – 1 clean and jerk @90%

*All reps are squat cleans and jerk can be either push or split.

On the 15:00 Front squat

OTM x 5

1 Front squat

Starting at or slightly above final clean load. All reps taken from the rack. Not seeking maximal effort 1RM, but looking to find the heavy stim for the day. Working towards 90% of estimated 1RM.

On the 30:00

“Funny Bone”

Body Armor

3 Giant Sets

20 single arm dumbbell presses (2 dumbbells in front rack position. Alternate presses)

20 dumbbell bent over rows

10 front rack dumbbell reverse lunges

10 hang dumbbell reverse lunges

*Free to build in loading over the 3 sets, and allowed to use different dumbbell weights for different exercises. Move from station to station with purpose. Rest as needed between sets.

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