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What is your policy regarding drop-in visits?

West End CrossFit openly welcomes drop-in guests. The cost to drop-in is $20. Please contact us prior to your visit.

Can I get a good workout in under 30 minutes?

Yes! Research shows that shorter duration/higher intensity workouts yield higher benefits/results. Longer workouts equal lower intensity. For example, if you run 8 miles your intensity (power output) will be lower than if you run multiple 400 meter sprints. West End CrossFit does program longer duration workouts on occasion. However, the bulk of our workouts will last anywhere from 10 – 20 minutes.

I have heard CrossFit is dangerous. Is this true?

You can injure yourself in any activity, but CrossFit is safer than most activities people perform every day. We insist on working with people in 3 stages. First: Mechanics – Individuals learn proper form and technique during this phase of learning. Second: Consistency – Individuals demonstrate the ability to perform the movements over and over again with safe and relatively efficient technique. Third: Intensity – Individuals SAFELY execute movements at a rapid pace while still maintaining full range of motion. One does not come before the other. We ALWAYS start with mechanics.

Do I have to be “in shape” to start CrossFit?

This is a common misconception. The most elite athlete can come into the gym and find a workout challenging. You will never be “fit” enough. That’s why we are here and offer scaling options for each individual so that you can thrive in each workout on a personal level. Fitness is a lifelong journey, we are never really “there”.

Do I have to do the workout posted on the board or can I do something different?

Every member is required to do the WOD (workout of the day) posted on the board. We will scale and modify the workout if needed but members will not be allowed to do an entirely different workout from the group. If you feel you need more individualized programming please contact us for information regarding personal training.

I have heard Crossfit is really hard, is this true?

CrossFit is as hard or as easy as you make it. We encourage people to push themselves to their physical and mental limits. We are firm believers in accountability. Only YOU can make the most out of your own workouts with the amount of work YOU put into them.

I follow your blog and then do the workouts on my own. Is this okay?

Our blog is public. Of course you can do the workouts on your own. However, you will not have the benefit of receiving coaching from our certified trainers. We find that most people are not taught how to move correctly. You are automatically opening yourself up to potential injury. You will also eventually find your performance levels off. Plus, it is much more fun to be encouraged and held accountable by a group of your peers.