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  • Saturday 12-3-11

    By Jen | In WOD | on December 3, 2011

    Teams of 3 AMRAP 15 min 9 Ball slams 12 Box jumps 200m Row *Complete relay style.  Score is TOTAL number of rounds completed per team member. Modified from CrossFit New England.  

  • Friday 12-2-11

    By Jen | In WOD | on December 1, 2011

    Make up a missed WOD Thank you all for signing up online for classes.  It helps us with equipment set up/placement before you arrive.  If for some reason you do not have a username and password, please email us and let us know and we will get it over to you ASAP.  If you have […]

  • Thursday 12-1-11

    By Jen | In WOD | on November 30, 2011

    It’s December 1 and that can only mean one thing!  No kipping November has come to a close. Be sure to re-test your pull up max today!  Remember:  If you don’t have at least 3-5 dead hang pull ups there will be no kipping for you just yet.  Your shoulders will thank us.  Throughout the […]

  • Wednesday 11-30-11

    By Jen | In WOD | on November 29, 2011

    EMOTM for 12 minutes 7 Kettlebell swings (American) 1.5/1pood 7 SDHP w/ same kettlebell 14 Double unders

  • Tuesday 11-29-11

    By Jen | In WOD | on November 28, 2011

    Power Snatch 10 x 1 Warm up with an empty barbell.  Start your first work set conservatively and try to add 5 pounds each round.  Limit amount of rest between sets to no more than 45 seconds. THEN AMRAP 6 minutes 5 Power snatch @ 65% of heaviest successful 1 rep 10 Hand release push […]

  • Monday 11-28-11

    By Jen | In WOD | on November 27, 2011

    Wendler Cycle Week 4 – Front squat 40% x 5 50% x 5 60% x 5 Skill: Hang squat cleans “There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue […]

  • Saturday 11-26-11

    By Jen | In WOD | on November 26, 2011

    In teams of two, with one partner rowing and the other performing the triplet, partners alternate until they have each completed 3 sets of 500 meters of rowing each. Triplet: Push Press x 10 reps 75/55 Goblet Squats x 10 reps 1.5/1pood Box Jumps x 10 reps 24″/20″ Score is max rounds and reps of […]

  • Thursday 11-24-11

    By Jen | In WOD | on November 23, 2011

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Tim and I are thankful to have you all at West End CrossFit!   For time 400m Run 70 Double unders /YES, double unders again!  😉 60 Air squats 50 Sit ups 40 Kettlebell swings (American style) 30 Box jumps (Games standards) 20 Ball slams 10 Dumbbell squat cleans /Athlete chooses the weight […]

  • Wednesday 11-23-11

    By Jen | In WOD | on November 22, 2011

    Push Press 3 x 3 THEN AMRAP 7 min 10 Burpees 20 Double unders Nutrition – It is the base of the CrossFit Pyramid.  Every progression we make is dependent on how we fuel our bodies.  Of course sleep and proper recovery factor into this equation as well, but nutrition is the foundation.  Check out […]

  • Tuesday 11-22-11

    By Jen | In WOD | on November 21, 2011

    4 Rounds 15 Power cleans 135/95 250m Row How Much Weight Should I Use? Thanksgiving Holiday Hours Thanksgiving Day – 8am Group class – All other classes CANCELLED NOV 25th – CLOSED NOV 26th – Resume normal schedule